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We have two membership tiers. You can pay $19/month and cancel anytime or pay $99/year.

Our monthly membership has no minimum length. You can cancel via your account profile at any time.

To get the most out of our programs, we recommend you have dip bars, a pull-up bar, parallettes, and a BaseBench. You can shop our product catalog here. If you don't own the recommended equipment in a program, you may be able to substitute it with equipment you currently own or furniture around the house. Here is a short video covering BaseBlocks equipment substitutes

If you can perform a push-up, you have enough space for our workouts.

A program typically lasts 6 weeks and is centered around a specific training goal (e.g. unlocking the muscle-up). A workout is a standalone training session.

We know you’re busy. Workouts are 30-45 minutes depending on the goal of the workout.

We are available on both iOS and Android. 

All BaseBlocks customers get a 90-day free trial to BaseBlocks+. Check your email for an activation code after your first purchase, or email your order number to hello@baseblocks.com